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PathPod News Edition: How Institutional Racism Negatively Impacts Patient Care and Physician Training

July 16, 2020
This week, Dr. Meredith Pittman (@merepitt) speaks with Dr. Kevin Simon (@DrKMSimon), a psychiatrist at Boston Children's Hospital, about the role that structural racism plays in everyday encounters between physicians and patients, trainees and educators, and physician colleagues. They discuss the way that COVID-19 has highlighted race-based disparity, and Dr. Simon gives advice for dealing with kids during a pandemic and quarantine. 
Links to articles, essays, and books referenced in the audio:
How to Engage with our Black and Brown patients: 
Myths about Black Patients: 
Health Disparities for our Black Patients: 
Discrminiation in medical training: 
Discrminiation as an attending: 
Implicit Bias:

Featured public domain music: Loyalty Freak Music, I'M ON FIRE

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