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Beyond the Scope: Survival Guides and Road Trips with Dr. Diana Molavi

June 17, 2021
In this segment, Beyond the Scope, we speak to pathologists about their pursuits and interests in and outside of pathology.
What do trains and skateboards have to do with medical training? How can we better prepare residents for community practice? How did Dr. Molavi get the idea to write her Beginner's Guide?
On this episode, Dr. Sara Jiang (@Sara_Jiang) speaks with Dr. Diana Molavi. Dr. Molavi is Chief of Pathology at the Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. She is known to probably all pathology trainees for her indispensable book: The Practice of Surgical Pathology: A Beginner's Guide to the Diagnostic Process, which has helped bridge the gap between medical school and residency, and which is now in a second edition:
Featured public domain music: US Army Blues, BugaBlue

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